Bangla name:Kathal                                
                                                       English name:Jackfruit 
                                                      Scientific name:Artocarpus heterophyllus
Jackfruit is our national fruit.It grows all over the country but abundant grow in Gazipur,Mymensing,Tangail,Sylhet,Rangamati and Khagrachari Hill Tracts area.

The jackfruit ranks in 1st in production.Jackfruits are eaten unripe as a vegetable or ripe as fruits.The pulp of the ripe fruit eaten fresh and sometimes it is preserved in syrap or dried.The juicy flesh around the seeds is sweet.It rich in minerals and vitamin-A.


Bengali name:Am
                                                                   English name:Mango   
                                                                 Scientific name:Mangifera indica

Mango is the king of fruits.It is very delicious and attractive fruit.The mango grows in almost all parts of BANGLADESH.But high percentage of mangos grow well  in Rajshahi and many south-east other parts of the country.

The position of mango is 1st in terms of area and 2nd in production among the fruits grown in Bangladesh.Mango shares 31.22% of the area and 24.38% production fruit crops in Bangladesh.

There are many mango varities which are found in our country such as Opalbhog,Himsagar,Langra,Fazli,Ashwina,Mohanbhog,Daseri etc.Among them some are early variety and some are late variety.according to growing time.

The mangos of Bangladesh belong mainly to two groups viz: the mango varieties propagated through grafting and other vegetative means,locally known as "Kalamer Aam" and fruits are born by seedling trees locally know as "GutiAam".


                                                          Bengali name:Litchu
                                                          English name:Litchi
                                                          Scientific name: Litchi chinensis
  Litchi is the most important sub tropical evergreen trees.It is a delicious,juicy fruit of excellent quality.It is a very popular fruit in the country and has a great demand among all classes of people.

It is rich in minerals and vitamins.The principal chemical constitutes are carbohydrates,organic acids,vitamins,pigments,protein and fat.   The fruit is eaten fresh,preserved,canned and in syrup.

Litchi is grown all over Bangladesh and has a favourable adaption at Rajshahi,Dinajpur,Kustia,Jessore,Dhaka and Chittagong.        

                                                             Bengali name:Kola
                                                            English name:Banana
                                                            Scientific name:Musa sapientum  
Banana is the year round fruit of Bangladesh.Banana is found in any season.The origin of banana is not still clearly identified by the scientrists.Its cultivation is distributed through the warmer countries.

Some important countries are Brazil,India,Thailand,Uganda,Colombia,Nigeria and Srilanka.The banana occupies 2nd position in terms of area and production.Banana is most important  fruits in Bangladesh.It  grows well in Noakhali,Dhaka,Kustia,Jessore,Barishal and Rajshahi.

Banana is very rich in calorie,vitamin and minerals.Ripe banana are eaten as desert fruit.It is easily digestable and has vitamins and minerals. Unripe fruits are cooked and provide a starch food.Juice is also prepared from banana.

                                                          Bengali name:Payera                                                                                                                                    English name:Guava
                                                          Scientific name:Psidium sativum 
Guava is called the apple of the tropics,is one of the most common fruit in Bangladesh.It is native to tropical America.In Bangladesh it is grown all over the country but commercially grown in Barishal,Pirozpur,Jhalkathi,Comilla and Chittagong.

Guava is a rich source of vitamin C an protein.Firm ripe fruit is richer in vitamin C than those of fully ripe or over ripe.It is mainly used in many countries as adesert.However the most commercial use of guava is for jelly preparation. 


Bengali name:Paypa
 English name:Papaya
Scientific name:Carica papaya

Papaya is available round the year.It is a quick growing ,short lived,plant.It is easier to grow and fruit can be produced with in short period.Papaya originated in Mexico.In our country the top 4 papaya producing area are Rajshahi,Khustia, Dhaka and Faridpur.

Papaya is very nutricious,economic and important medicinal crop.The amount of vitamin-A in papaya is the 2nd highest among the fruits and comes next to mango.It contains fair quantities of vitamin-C,some riboflavin and niacin and it is a good source of calcium,phospharus and iron.

There are some important commercial varieties of papaya such as Washington,Solo,Honey Dew,Pusa Majesty etc. 


                                                        Bengali name:Anaras                                                                                               English name:Pineapple                                
                                                        Scientific name:Ananus comosus

Pineapple is a perennial crop grown for its fruits and used as a fresh and processed.The pineapple ,a native of Brazil is known as 'Pina' in Spanish and Ananas in French.Presently the pineapple growing region is extended over a wide range of  many countries of world.

Some important pineapple growing countries are Cuba,Hawaii,West Indies,Philippines,Malaysia,Brazil,Mexico and India.The pineapple occupies 4th position in terms of  production among the fruits grown in  BANGLADESH.Its largely grows in Bandarban,Khagrachori,Rangamati,Sylhet,Dhaka and Tangail.

Pineapples are consumed as fresh fruits or used for  manufacturing juice, jam and squash.Slices are canned in sugar solution.Fruit core is used for preparing candy.Pineapple powder is prepared from juice by freeze drying.Pineapple is an excellent source of  vitamin C is a good source of vitamin A&B.Pineapple also contain high water percentage,sugar,carotine,thiamine,riboflavin and iron.

There are 5  major groups of pineapple like Spanish,Queen,Cayenne,Abacaxi and Mainpure group.Among them Queen is the sweetest and earliest.

Common name:ber/kul
Scientific name: Zizyphus jujuba
Family name :Rhamnaceae

Ber is the important winter fruits of Bangladesh.  Although the food is called as poor man fruit, it is nutritive & delicious. Some are sweet & some are sour. Apple-kul is a very popular variety in Bangladesh, which  is invented in   by the Horticulture dept of Bangabandhu Seikh Mujibor Rahman Agricultural University.

                                The position of the ber is 8th& 11th in production area among the fruits in Bangladesh.
Ber contain Calorie,  Carbohydrate ,Protein,  Calcium, Vit-C ,  Mg  , P, 8, K.


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