Bengali name:Lotkon
                                                                       English name:Bermese grape
                                                                       Scientific name:Baccaurea ramiflora

Lotkon is very popular minor fruit in Bangladesh.It is native to Southest Asian region.Although the total production of this fruit is very low but it is gaining popularity among the urban people of BANGLADESH. The main growing areas are Narsingdi,Gazipur,Manikgonj,Netrokona and Sylhet.

Lotkon fruits are used as refreshing nibble or as table fruit.The pulp is eaten fresh directly.It is also used medicinally to treat the skin diseases.The bark,roots and wood are harvested for medicinal uses.Consumption of this fruit helps to remove vomiting condition and thirst.The powder of the leaves reduces the diarrhoea and mental deprassion.

The main problem in lotkon propagation by seed is that the plants may have the chance of being 70% male plants.To avoid this problem vegetative prppagation such as budding,air layering grafting is advised.


                                                                         Bengali name:Sofeda
                                                                         English name:Sapota
                                                                         Scientific name:  Manilkara sapota  

Sapota is also known as sapodilla or chiku and Bangladesh it is known as sofeda.The mature fruits of sapota are sweet smelling and decidious while the immature fruits are astingent The fruits are a good source of sugar,  water ,protien fat carbohydrates vit-A,B1,B2, C and  niaci..
Sapota is native to Central America,Mexico and WestIndies.

In Bangladesh 3 types of sofeda were observed viz.BARI sofeda-1, BARI sofeda-2, BARI sofeda-3.
                                                                      Bengali name:Bael
                                                                   English name:Wood apple
                                                                   Scientific name:Aegel marmelos
Wood apple is a small decidious tree.Wood apples are cultivated all over the country.It is a nutritive fruit and it has high medicinal value.Unripe and haif ripe fruit is beneficial in case of diarrhoea,dysentery.Fruits when just began to ripe are best for medicinal uses.These medicinal quantities are due to a substance 'Marmelosin' found in all parts of plant.Ripe fruit is sweet,aromatic and cooling.Wood is used for farm implements and its gum is of commercial importance.The young root is used against heart palpitation,indigestion and bowel inflammation.


Bengali name:Dalim
English name:Pomegrenate
Scientific name:Punica granatum


Pomgranete     is commercially grown  for its sweet acid taste.The fruits are mainly used for desert purpose.The juice is useful for patients suffering from leprosy.It barks and rinds are commonly used in dysentery and diarrhea.The rid is also applicable as dyeing material for cloth.
Pomgranate is native to Asia,particularly to Iran,Afganistan and Himalays.From there it was intrpduced and maintained in the Mediterranean region.
Cracking of fruit is a serious problem in pomgrenate which occur more frequently in dry atmosphere of the arid regions.If the soil become too dry and then irrigated heavily ,cracking heavily.


                                                                    Bengali name:Tal     
                                                                  English name:Palmyra palm
                                                                  Scientific name:Borassus flabellifer
                                                                  Family: Palmaceae        

 Palmyra palm is a very tall tree than other trees.The height of the palmyra palm is about 25m.It grows well in the dry areas and it does not grow well in the humid region.
The most important use of palmyra palm is the production of sugar from the sap,which contain about 12% sucrose.The leaves are used as hatch,fences,mats,hats,fans and umbrellas.The germinating  cotyledons are used as soft sweet and delicious.


                                                                    Bengali name: Amloki          
                                                                  English name:Aonla
                                                                  Scientific name:Emblica officinalis
                                                                  Family: Euphorbiaceae

      Amloki is an important fruit in our country.It is highly nutritive and it has high medicinal value.It is normally used as medicinal use.Amloki contain very high amount of vitamin-c than other fruits.It is widely used for hair treatment with oil,mehedi.It is also used for producing pickle.It is said that eating of one amloki in everyday can recover the vitamin-c deficiency.


                                                                    Bengali name:Bilimbi                   
                                                                  English name:Bilimbi
                                                                  Scientific name:Avverhoa bilimbi
                                                                  Family:  Avverhoaceae 
Bilimbi is sour type fruit.It is not so popular fruit.It is mainly used for making pickle.It is also used with dal to increase dals taste.It contain vitamin-c,water,iron.It is not grown for commercial purpose.  




                                                      Bengali name:  Narical                                                                                                                                          English name:Coconut
                                                              Scientific name:Cocus nucifera

 Coconut is very popular fruit in Bangladesh and many other countries of the world.It provides nutritious food,refreshingdrink,edible oil and fiber for commercial use.The various parts of the coconut are used for various purpose such as coconut water,edible copra, desiccated coconut,coconutcream,coir,coconutleaves,husk etc.
Coconut is specially grown in coastal areas.The major coconut growing areas are Noakhali,Sylhet,Comilla,Faridpur,Barishal etc.



                                                                          Bengali name:Jamrul
                                                                          English name:Wax jambu
                                                                          Scientific name:Syzygium samarangense

                           The wax jambu is glossy indeed wax-like and the flesh is rather is rather dry. The fruit color is light red to white,flesh with spongy,juicy,aromatic sweet sour in taste.The flavor is aromatic.Eight percent of the fruit is edible.The composition of the 100g edible portion :water more than 90%,protein 0.3g,fiber 1g,fat none,carbohydrates 3.9g,vitamin 0.1g.
The trees are at home in fairly most tropical lowlands.The trees prefer heavy soils and easy access of water instead of having to search for water in high deep soils.                                                      


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